Dancing through Difficult Times

In a daze from depressing news, I wonder how to keep focused on dance research and writing. The news all over the world makes me want to find a cave and hibernate until some future fantasy when I can wake up to a less violent world: where people are not killed or oppressed based onContinue reading “Dancing through Difficult Times”

The Colors of Yasuj

In 2015 on an annual trip to Shiraz, my parents raved about an extraordinary Lori driver-guide they’d met in Yasuj, Farhang Heidari.  I called him to ask if he was available to guide my father and I in the next few days.  Greeting me as hamshireh (meaning sister – although the word literally means someoneContinue reading “The Colors of Yasuj”

Birding before a Turkamani wedding

Between two nights of Turkamani wedding festivities in Syjval, Golestan Province, I traveled to the docks at Bandar Torkaman early one morning. My aunt had mentioned that migratory birds could still be seen in Āshurādeh, an island in the Miānkāleh Peninsula about 3km from Bandar Torkaman. There were guided boats that offered bird-watching.  Although weContinue reading “Birding before a Turkamani wedding”