Dancing through Difficult Times

In a daze from depressing news, I wonder how to keep focused on dance research and writing. The news all over the world makes me want to find a cave and hibernate until some future fantasy when I can wake up to a less violent world: where people are not killed or oppressed based on color, gender, ethnicity or religion…

Human history does not help in imagining the possibility of such a future, but I look at my daughter and know I must hold on to the hope of silver linings even if it takes years of digging through skies cloudy to their core.

One way to shake off the feeling of hopelessness is to put some music on and dance through it – maybe Shout out Loud some too. Although the news has not changed when the music finishes, dancing with my daughter gives me the energy to keep plugging on. I’m thankful that the world of books, music and dance is open to her as well as her outdoor activities. For now she dreams about being a multilingual Musician/ Conductor/ Robotic Engineer/Ecologist someday…who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I hope that we will always find ways to follow our dreams.

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