The Bridge over the River Dez

Dezful is named after the fortress built on the bridge over the River Dez. Dez-pol transformed into Dezful with time. My parents were born and raised in Dezful, Khuzestan. We lived in Shiraz, but I have childhood memories of going to Dezful every Noruz (New Year) – which Iranians celebrate on the Spring Equinox. Every year after Noruz deed o baz deed (New Year’s visits to friends and family), we would visit the River Dez or a Bagh (fruit orchard) where we’d gather around breakfasts of Halim, Sarshir and meals of mahi tu por (fish baked with herb and tamarind filling).

picking Tut

My daughter has accompanied me on several trips to Dezful (2013, 2017 and 2018). One of our favorite activities is picnicking at Ali Kale. This is a portion of the riverside very close to the Dez dam – also popular with fishermen. The unique river bank is filled with tiny “caves” called Kat which are wonderfully cool spots to sit on hot days.

A must stop before we return home each year: the Dezful Bazar to purchase a few new kapu (woven baskets), some fresh-baked Kolucheh (date-filled pastries) and of course a kilo of sedr (dried, powdered Konar leaves used as a traditional and natural facewash).

Kapu stall

Dez riverside

Later we’d shake the upper branches of the immense Konar trees until its delicious fruit came raining down on us. On my last trip to Dezful with my daughter, besides experiencing the wonder of Konar, we also enjoyed running to each Tut (mulberry tree) with all the other kids (and kids at heart) and stuffing ourselves until we turned blue!

Ali Kale, Dez riverside
Kolucheh Dezfuli

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